“There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move!” -Edgar Cayce


COMMENT: You may or may not be skeptical of Edgar Cayce’s supposed psychic abilities. However, the idea that moving backward can be a type of progress, or that sometimes we have to go backward in order to go forward, is actually supported by science. One example, from the field of physics, is known as “countersteering”. Our intuition tells us that we steer a bicycle to the left by turning the handlebars to the left (as shown in Figure A below). However, this would actually cause you to end up on the ground. In fact, steering left on a bike requires you to turn your handlebars to the right(see Figure B). This results in your center of gravity shifting left, allowing you to lean into the turn and avoid falling. Try to notice this next time you go for a ride; you literally must turn right in order to go left.

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